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Street Fighter 6

Killer Bee Cammy stings in Street Fighter 6 slapfest with Manon

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

Capcom has released a new Developer Match film for Street Fighter 6, giving us our first in-depth look at Delta Red agent and World Warrior veteran Cammy White as she squares off against newcomer Manon, who boasts the lithe and multi-talented limbs of a ninja.

Cammy, who has been a formidable and memorable Street Fighter character for many games, appears to be a believer in the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as she uses the same arsenal of standard and special attacks she’s always used. Ms. White’s lightning-fast jabs and deceptive, slinking lows are in play. Cannon Spike, Cannon Spiral, Hooligan Combination, and Spin Knuckle are just a few of her legendary special moves.
Cammy’s throw game in Street Fighter 6 stands out as especially dangerous because of how close she can get to a downed opponent with her grabs. Loops? You could be right. She dives incredibly far with the EX version of her Cannon Strike kick, and it seems like a terrifying guessing game if you don’t counter this move.

The Cammy player goes to great efforts to utilize the SF6 Drive Rush mechanic, likely to demonstrate how much it bolsters the speed and chance for smaller characters. Cammy finishes off Manon with a fatal head strike using her Lvl.3 Super, which transforms the Killer Bee into a literal firework.

Certainly, Cammy has returned, and she promises to once again be a terrifying presence.

Street Fighter 6
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