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Techno jargon

You can be the bouncer of a strange universe if you know how to use techno jargon

Techno jargon

Techno jargon

To surf or to turf?

Crunching Techno Banter, a narrative bouncer game developed by Koalas and Dexai Arts, has been demonstrated. It is scheduled for release this year on PC and consoles.

While I believe Techno Banter to be a story game, I have been unable to find any publicity materials that actually describe the game. At least, that’s what the trailer that was released accompanied the news suggests. First-person exploration and conversation are included, but puzzles and battles aren’t mentioned at all. The look is influenced by the Berlin techno scene and combines 3D environments with 2D pixel art characters.

In Techno Banter, you play the role of a club bouncer. Players are tasked with determining who to accept into the club and who to kick out onto the street. The “witty” banter in Techno Banter is often advertised. That is not meant to be a put-down by my use of quotation marks. That’s exactly how it’s described in the official announcement.

I get the impression that you’re not too proud to constantly highlight your own cleverness. If you have wit, you don’t need to boast about it. I don’t brag about my wittiness to others, but that’s partly because it’s not true.

The trailer doesn’t showcase any of this conversation or even suggest that it’s striving for a comedic approach. However, the aesthetic is beautifully realised. What I’m trying to communicate is that I’m intrigued. I’m prepared to give Techno Banter a shot even though I’m not really sure what it wants from me.

Sometime in 2023, you can play Techno Banter on your computer or gaming console.

Techno jargon
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