The future of the PCB chairmanship is unclear.

The future of the PCB chairmanship is unclear.


PCB chairmanship

PM Shehbaz Sharif backs Najam Sethi, who is currently leading the PCB, while a minister from the PPP backs Zaka Ashraf.Following a statement by the minister for interprovincial coordination, Ehsan Mazari, a debate has begun over the nomination of the PCB chairman.Legislator and member of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Mazari has advocated for Zaka Ashraf’s appointment as PCB chairman. Ashraf had previously served as board chairman.Najam Sethi, the current head of the board’s management committee, enjoys the support of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.


“When we had formed this government, we had an understanding that the party heading the relevant ministries will have their men appointed in departments under the ministries,” stated Mazari.The PPP will have a hard time getting their man “appointed” as PCB chairman.The election of the chairman is laid out in detail in the PCB’s constitution.The PCB Constitution provides, in paragraph 6, that “the Board of Governors shall elect a Chairman of the Board in accordance with paragraph 7 for a term of three years.” The Chairman may serve a maximum of two three-year terms in office. However, no individual may serve as Chairman for more than six years in total.


The PCB constitution specifies that “a special meeting of the Board of Governors shall be convened to elect the Chairman from among the members of the Board of Governors, by a majority of the total voting membership of the Board of Governors,” which is a key part of the PCB election process for the position of chairman.There are eight people on PCB’s board of governors total; four represent regional associations, four represent the service sector, and the prime minister appoints two more.There is a provision in place for a “ex-officio member” of the PCB BoG who will serve as the IPC ministry’s representative but will have no voting privileges.


Therefore, the election of the chairman of PCB and who can make nominations to the BoG for that position are both spelt out in detail in the PCB constitution.If the PPP is dead set on getting their guy, Ashraf, on the PCB, they’ll have to convince Prime Minister Shahbaz to put him forward. They’re stuck and have to do this.The ICC’s memorandum of association states that all members, including Pakistan, must act independently and prevent any interference from the government or any other public or quasi-public body in the organization’s governance, regulation, or administration of cricket in the member’s Cricket Playing Country.


Any member who violates this requirement risks having their ICC membership revoked.Politicians should realize that sports organizations are globally autonomous, and that meddling with their day-to-day operations or governance issues constitutes a major breach of trust.Politicians of all stripes should avoid using sports as a negotiating chip.

The future of the PCB chairmanship is unclear.
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