The government of Punjab reversed its order to send troops.

The government of Punjab reversed its order to send troops.

government of Punjab

The government of Punjab has rescinded its order to send troops.The centre also seeks the return of the troops.The Punjab caretaker government and the Islamabad administration have both decided to withdraw the notification for the deployment of army troops that was issued to address the worsening law and order situation following the arrest of PTI head Imran Khan. The notification was brought to address the worsening law and order situation that followed Khan’s detention.Both the Punjab Home Department and the authorities in Islamabad have addressed separate letters to the Interior Ministry, requesting that it remove the services of army personnel from the province of Punjab and from the capital city of Islamabad.

law and order

After the situation with law and order in the province was brought under control, the army is reportedly being recalled, as reported by sources in the Department of Home Affairs (Home Department).The administration of Punjab had the assistance of ten army companies at their disposal at all times.A month after they were stationed in the area, the administration of Islamabad sent a request to the minister of the interior on Saturday asking for the Pakistan Army troops to be recalled.After protests broke out across the entire nation on May 10, the Pakistani government requested assistance from the armed forces in order to preserve law and order in the provinces of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Islamabad.

coalition government

The incumbent coalition government has suspended internet access and deployed army soldiers to preserve law and order situation as a result of the nearly three-day-long protests, which have claimed at least eight lives and injured dozens of others.The Chief Commissioner of Islamabad wrote a letter to the Ministry of the Interior stating that the situation in the nation’s capital had reached a “satisfactory” level.According to the letter, “the situation is now satisfactory in the ICT (Islamabad Capital Territory), and it is, therefore, requested that the requisition made vide the referred letter may be de-notified, in the best interest of the public.”

The government of Punjab reversed its order to send troops.
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