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The Kerala Story

‘The Kerala Story’ is ‘Sangh Parivar propaganda,’ according to Vijayan

The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story

The chief minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, called the upcoming Hindi film “The Kerala Story,” which is based on “Love Jihad,” “Sangh Parivar propaganda” on Sunday.
On Sunday, Vijayan wrote a Facebook post in which he claimed that the film’s purpose was to sow division among Keralans along religious lines.
It’s clear from the trailer that the film is adopting the Sangh Parivar’s propaganda that portrays a staunchly secular state like Kerala as a breeding ground for terrorists, as he put it in his review.
He argued that Sangh Parivar’s efforts to establish political clout in Kerala should be seen in context with the “othering” of Muslims in propaganda films.
It appears that hundreds of girls, predominantly Hindu girls, were transferred to countries like Afghanistan and Syria where they were brainwashed, converted, and recruited by Islamic State. As many as 32,000 Hindu girls were reportedly converted and abducted by IS.
In a press conference, Vijayan stated, “The central theme of the movie, Love Jihad is a conspiracy which has been rejected by the investigating agencies, the court, and even the Union Home Ministry.”There is no “love jihad,” as previously reported to Congress by G. Kishan Reddy, who was then the Union Minister of State for Home. Union Minister Kishan Reddy is still in office. If ‘love jihad’ is indeed the movie’s main focus, it reveals the Sangh Parivar’s eagerness to portray Kerala negatively internationally.
As he put it, “The Parivar’s political designs have not worked in Kerala as it has elsewhere in the country,” so it’s understandable that they’d resort to deploying propaganda films there. That’s why they’re spreading lies in Kerala to promote their divisive agendas.
Vijayan argued that the right to speak one’s mind does not extend to the dissemination of false information or the incitement of violence.

The Kerala Story
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