The Pakistani envoy in Texas has high hopes for a sister state

The Pakistani envoy in Texas has high hopes for a sister state-province deal.


Pakistani ambassador

The Pakistani ambassador to the United States is hoping to establish a sister state-province relationship with Texas.”Technology, oil and gas, along with other industries, provide a stable foundation for thriving business linkages and bring our people closer together.” Masood KhanOn Thursday, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Masood Khan, stated a desire to form a sister state-provincial arrangement between the state of Texas and one of Pakistan’s provinces. He specifically mentioned the province of Punjab.

Texas House

During a meeting with Texas House of Representatives member Salman Bhojani at the Embassy in Washington, he remarked that such an agreement may prove “instrumental” in harnessing the existing potential of trade and commerce and fostering people-to-people exchanges. He mentioned this while referring to the potential of trade and commerce to tap into.”Tech, oil and gas, and other sectors provided a solid base on which to forge robust business linkages and bring our people closer to each other,” he continued.

Ambassador Khan

Ambassador Khan expressed gratitude to State Representative Farooq Mughal for his assistance in fostering the sister-state relationship that exists between the Province of Sindh and the State of Georgia. The ambassador was in Texas to discuss the possibility of Texas entering into sister-state agreements with Georgia.In addition, he praised Bhojani for successfully sponsoring a resolution on Pakistan Day to highlight the close cooperation relationship between Pakistan and Texas in trade, energy, education, and cultural exchanges. This was done in the Texas Assembly. He congratulated Bhojani for this accomplishment.


Bhojani stated that he would be leading a delegation to Texas that would encourage commerce and investment between Pakistan and Texas. This trip would include parliamentarians, corporate leaders, and representatives from the chamber of commerce and industry.As someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, he was under the impression that the northern region of Pakistan offered some of the best opportunities for eco-tourism and adventure travel. He declared that he would be leading expeditions to the area in order to investigate the natural splendour of the nation.

congratulations to Bhojani

During the course of the discussion, Khan extended his congratulations to Bhojani on his election to the Texas Assembly. He went on to say that Bhojani’s accomplishments and the work that he does are the source of pride for the entire community.When asked about his objectives, Bhojani stated that he was working to bring the communities together and added that he considered all Muslims and Pakistanis residing in Texas to be his constituency and that he was focused on fostering love and compassion among them. Bhojani was discussing his priorities.He stated that “we must work towards uniting people for larger goals and for the purpose of service to humanity.”


Ambassador Khan voiced his delight at the growing number of Pakistani Americans serving in public positions at both the state and federal levels, noting that these officials have the potential to play a significant part in persuading Pakistani Americans to invest in Pakistan.They can also make it easier for students from Pakistan to study in the United States and benefit from the country’s wealth of knowledge in specialized fields.The ambassador made the following statement: “The community is a significant asset that has the potential to play a significant role not only in promoting goodwill between the two countries but also in enhancing trade and investment.”


The Pakistani envoy in Texas has high hopes for a sister state
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