The rule of law index now ranks Pakistan below both

The rule of law index now ranks Pakistan below both Myanmar and Sudan. Khan, Imran

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The rule of law index now ranks Pakistan below both Myanmar and Sudan. The PTI leader, Imran Khan, is upset over the recent onslaught on his party.Imran Khan, leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has stated that the absence of the rule of law makes democracy, economic growth, and the future of Pakistan impossible.Deposed prime minister said, “Without rule of law we will neither have democracy (freedom) or prosperity nor a future,” in another condemnation of the ongoing crackdown on his party following the May 9 violence in which angry PTI workers attacked government and military installations protesting against his arrest.

PTI crackdown

He further noted that since the crackdown began, Pakistan’s ranking on the Rule of Law index had plummeted.Before the PTI crackdown, Pakistan ranked 129 out of 140 countries on the rule of law index, indicating that the country had never before witnessed an assault on its fundamental rights on this scale. Today, we are no better than Myanmar and Sudan, where the strongest survive,”Khan had previously expressed his displeasure with the onslaught on his party in an interview.The law and the Constitution guarantee our right to peacefully assemble.

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According to an interview Khan gave to Independent Urdu, he said that the government has compiled a list of 23,000 PTI employees.He further stated that if civilians are tried in military courts, then democracy is dead, and that the detainees are not being permitted to meet with their counsel.We are under a state of semi-martial law. They intend to obliterate the PTI.The Supreme Court’s directive that Punjab hold elections on May 14 was also brought up in conversation. “elections did not take place despite Supreme Court’s order.”

abolish PTI

He further stated that they intend to abolish PTI and reinstate Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz supremo Nawaz Sharif since “might is the right formula” in the current political climate.”PTI no longer requires electables”Furthermore, he has stated that he no longer requires “electables” since he is confident in the popularity of his party among the general public.After being voted out of power and facing a number of legal issues, the former prime minister declared that the PTI has the largest vote bank in the country.”If you have that much vote big, it doesn’t matter who is leaving and joining the party,” he argued.


He was also questioned on the widespread defection of PTI officials like Fawad Chaudhry, Shireen Mazari, Aamir Kiyani, Memood Moulvi, Saifullah Niayzi, Ali Zaidi, and Imran Ismail.that they were breaking up with Imran Khan and strongly denounced the events of May 9.However, the PTI leader insisted that the PDM’s support base had shrunk, and that the PTI will emerge victorious in future elections.More over 300 persons have been handed tickets; the others must be in hiding.Khan responded to a query about his reiterated invitation for dialogue by saying that negotiations have been ongoing, but the other side has not responded.

criticised the administration

Those who want an answer engage in dialogue. They know the answer lies inholding elections, yet they refuse to do so and instead try to avoid them.Khan has criticised the administration, saying the country is experiencing the biggest inflation in its history and is heading towards default.”Everyone is afraid of PTI,” he insisted.


The rule of law index now ranks Pakistan below both
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