There was a time I couldn’t pay fees of my daughter’: Umar Akmal

An Emotional Recounting of the Ban Days by Umar Akmal:

Umar Akmal, a Pakistani cricketer, reflects on the difficult time he was banned from playing due to the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) finding that he had violated anti-corruption policies. As he recalls the challenges he encountered during this challenging period, his emotions are running high.

Strength and Courage in the Face of Adversity:

In the middle of his emotions, Akmal explains that the difficulty he has been going through is a test from Allah, and that this test involves both winning and losing. He recognises the difficulty of the situation as a test of character and discusses the realisations he has received as a result of it.

Bringing to Light the Real Faces of Relationships:

According to Akmal, the ban made it clear to him who supported him and who distanced themselves from him during his fight. It also highlighted those who stuck by him and those who abandoned him. The event shed attention on the real support he received from others.

Overcoming Difficulties in Financial Matters:

Reminiscing about his hardships, Akmal discusses the difficulties he had with his finances, including the fact that he was unable to provide even the most fundamental things for his daughter, such as a burger or school tuition. The psychological toll that he had to bear at this time had a long-lasting effect on him.

Unwavering Support from the Wife:

Akmal acknowledges that his wife has been his rock of support through all of these challenging circumstances. She showed unflinching support and dedication, assuring him of her tenacity regardless of the circumstances, despite the fact that she came from an affluent upbringing.

Expressing Appreciation and Gratitude:

Akmal acknowledges his wife’s selfless commitment and the important role she plays in his life while expressing his gratitude for all she does for him. He feels a profound sense of gratitude towards her for her support and understanding.

Preparedness with a View to Making a Comeback:

The cricket player, who is 33 years old and is determined to launch a comeback, emphasises his commitment to return to the field and continue representing Pakistan at some point in the future. He attributes his success thus far to his unwavering commitment and consistent effort.

Prohibition as well as Legal Action:

Akmal’s ban resulted in legal action because of the PCB’s decision to suspend him in 2020 for violating the norms governing anti-corruption measures. His appeal to the International Court of Arbitration resulted in the reduction of his initial three-year suspension to one year and one month.

There was a time I couldn’t pay fees of my daughter’: Umar Akmal
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