Urgent Call for Action After Jaranwala Church Attacks

The opening statement

The Voice of Christians International (VCI) and a number of notable Islamic scholars have issued a joint statement in response to the unfortunate tragedy that occurred in Jaranwala, in which twenty churches and a large number of homes were damaged. Because it goes against the values of religious tolerance and societal harmony, this occurrence has led to urgent requests for action to be done against the perpetrators.Jaranwala Church Attacks

An Appeal Filed by VCI Before the Supreme Court

Samuel Makson, Director of Human Rights for VCI, has submitted a formal plea to the Supreme Court of the United States. In the application, which was filed in accordance with Order 33 Rule 6 of the Supreme Court Rules 1980, the highest court in the land is asked to step in and guarantee that justice is carried out as a result of the Jaranwala event. By taking this action, we hope to bring attention to the arson attacks on Christian houses of worship, Holy Bibles, and other property belonging to members of the local Christian community.

The events leading up to the Incident

On August 16, an incident known as Jaranwala took place, which ultimately led to the demolition of a number of Christian houses of worship and residences. Because of the impact it had on various religious institutions and communities, this episode has sparked considerable indignation.

The Response from Islamic Scholars

Notable Islamic scholars have additionally voiced their disapproval of the incident in question. They emphasise that the activities in Jaranwala are against the principles of Islam and that they are undesirable. It is a violation of Islamic teachings to torch places of worship, as well as to circumvent legal authority in any way.

Ulema’s Criticism on the Outbreak of Violence

Leading religious officials, such as Maulana Abul Khabir Azad, who chairs the Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee, have denounced the attack as being in opposition to the fundamental precepts of Islam as they understand it. They claim that Islam forbids the torching of any house of worship or other place of religious significance. In addition, the academics are demanding severe punishment for those who were involved for the attacks, and they are advocating for the establishment of a high-level commission to investigate the disaster.

Guaranteeing Respect for Diverse Groups and a Complementary Social Order

Islamic experts are quick to point out that Pakistan’s constitution explicitly protects the rights of ethnic and religious minorities. They emphasise that it is a fundamental role of the state to ensure the safety and well-being of all faith communities equally. This stance is in line with the Supreme Court’s decision in 2014, which emphasised the importance of protecting the rights of minorities and penalising those who abuse those rights.

A Plea for Action from the Government

Through his presence on social media, prominent Islamic scholar Mufti Taqi Usmani has voiced his vehement criticism of the occurrence. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, he stresses that no one has the right to break the law on their own. He emphasises that such behaviours are in direct contradiction to the principles of Islam and that they taint the image of Islam and Muslims. He urges the government to take swift action against those responsible for the violence Jaranwala Church Attacks and to respect the values of justice and social harmony in the process.

The final word

Because of what happened in Jaranwala Church Attacks, religious leaders of both Christian and Islamic faiths have come together to denounce the attacks and call for justice in the region. Their concerted efforts bring attention to the critical role that religious tolerance, the defence of vulnerable populations, and the maintenance of legal order play in Pakistan.

Urgent Call for Action After Jaranwala Church Attacks
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