US official claims China has been running a secret spy

US official claims China has been running a secret spy facility in Cuba for years.

US claims

 official claims that China has been running an espionage facility in Cuba for years.In spite of China and Cuba’s denials, the existence of a spy facility in Cuba has been established, and tensions between the United States and China continue.According to a statement made by an official working for the United States government under the administration of former Vice President Joe Biden, the People’s Republic of China has been running an intelligence collecting facility in Cuba since the year 2019.The person disclosed that the United States intelligence community has known for a long time about China’s eavesdropping activities in Cuba as well as China’s broader plans to develop comparable operations worldwide. These efforts include spying on other countries.

Vice President

The administration of Vice President Joe Biden has been making headway through diplomatic channels and other undefined initiatives while working vigorously to thwart China’s growth of its espionage operations against the United States.The Wall Street Journal published a report stating that China and Cuba had struck a preliminary agreement to create an electronic eavesdropping station on the island of Cuba. This news revealed that a Chinese espionage facility was already operating on the island. On the other hand, officials from the White House as well as Cuban officials cast doubt on the veracity of the information.During the presidency of Joe Biden, ties between the United States and China have been tense, with tensions increasing after a visit to Taiwan by a former House Speaker named Nancy Pelosi as well as the United States shooting down a Chinese spy balloon that had invaded US airspace.

White House

In spite of these disagreements, the White House has stated that they are interested in resuming high-level dialogue with China.A recent statement made by a Biden administration official who wished to remain anonymous revealed that China has been conducting information gathering operations from Cuba for some time, and that the country plans to upgrade its espionage capabilities in 2019. The official challenged the accuracy of certain portrayals in the media, but he did not provide any particular facts or comment on the potential of a new listening post being established in Cuba.The Chinese Embassy in the United States has stated that the charges are nothing more than US rumours, while the Cuban government has stated that the report in The Wall Street Journal is totally incorrect.

Secretary of State

The United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is making plans to visit China as part of ongoing efforts to defuse the escalating tensions between his country and China. These plans were at first scrapped as a direct result of the incident involving the spy balloon.The official working for the Biden administration admitted that the Obama administration was aware of China’s efforts to establish a base in Cuba, but they insisted that there was still room for improvement in this area. The United States has had conversations with states that are thinking about hosting Chinese bases and has shared information with those governments in an effort to slow down China’s expansionist goals.


US official claims China has been running a secret spy
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