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War 2: Will Jr NTR debut in Bollywood with Hrithik Roshan?

War 2: Did Jr NTR confirm his Bollywood debut with Hrithik Roshan? Their tweets delight admirers.

  1. Today

is Jr. NTR’s birthday, and social media is flooded with birthday greetings for the actor. All of the emphasis, however, has been focused on Hrithik Roshan‘s birthday greeting for the RRR actor.

Everyone is familiar with the name Jr. NTR at this point. He is one of the most famous actors to come out of the South, and because to the phenomenal success of RRR, he is now well-known all over the world.

He is a favored actor by many directors and is one of the most sought-after actors working today. It appears that Hrithik Roshan has just been given the green light for him to make his debut in Bollywood, which is one of the many films that he is currently developing.

Today is Jr NTR’s birthday, and the actor who plays Vikram Vedha in Vikram Vedha came to his Twitter handle to send birthday wishes to the actor who plays RRR.

His tweet also contained a MAJOR clue about the upcoming collaboration between them. Also Read: Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar, as well as Other Topics The top 10 jodis who have managed to remain friends after suffering a messy breakup with their ex-partners

Powered by the VDO Engine. Will Jr. NTR and AI Hrithik Roshan Have a Scene Together in War 2?

  1. Hrithik Roshan

began his tweet by wishing Jr. NTR a happy birthday before continuing by saying, “Awaiting you on the yuddhabhumi.” It wasn’t long before Jr. NTR got back to him, and in his response

he mentioned meeting at the “yuddhabhumi.” He suggested that before they meet on the battlefield, Hrithik Roshan should have plenty of time to relax and recharge.

He suggested in a letter that you, too, begin to count down the days… Because I want you to be well rested when you get at

the yuddhabhoomi, I hope you have a good night’s sleep while thinking about what lies ahead.

Fans have become very enthusiastic as a result of this, and many of them believe that Jr. NTR will be making his debut in Bollywood with the film War 2.

There have been persistent allegations going around over the past few days that Jr NTR is going to have a significant part in the upcoming sequel to the film that stars Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. Fans are beyond ecstatic about the upcoming production.


On January 10, 1974, Hrithik Roshan was born to his parents, Rakesh and Pinky Roshan.

Rakesh Nagrath is a well-known actor and filmmaker. His father, Roshan Nagrath, is a well-known music composer. Pinky is the daughter of J. Om Prakash, a well-known Indian filmmaker.

Hrithik received his Bachelor’s degree from Bombay Scottish School, where he received his education.

that will star Hrithik, Roshan, and Jr. NTR because they simply cannot wait to watch, two exceptional performers working together. People are also interested in, watching them dance together. Even though Hrithik Roshan, is widely regarded as the best, dancer in the world, we are all aware of, how marvelously Jr NTR did in the song “Naatu Naatu

War 2: Will Jr NTR debut in Bollywood with Hrithik Roshan?
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