We are not prepared to play a bilateral series with Pakistan at this time. BCCI

  1. BCCI

BCCI claims it has “no plans for such a series to occur in the future or in the coming days.”

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), is allegedly not ready to play with its neighboring country in the foreseeable, future after it recently attempted to avoid bilateral cricket interaction, with Pakistan despite the idea of playing the game at a neutral venue.

Najam Sethi, chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB),, expressed support for holding a Test match series against, India at a neutral location, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday.

  1. PCB

PCB chief Sethi stated, “I think the best bet would be England and following that Australia.” When asked if he thought bilateral Test matches might be played in Australia, England, or South Africa, Sethi replied, “Yes.”

Also, according to Sethi, “If you can get a house full in any of the Australian stadiums, fine, that would be great.”

In response to Sethi’s remarks, the Indian media claimed that the BCCI has no plans to schedule any bilateral series against Pakistan.

No similar series is planned for the near or far future. The BCCI is not prepared for a bilateral series with Pakistan, Indian media reported, citing an anonymous source.

There hasn’t been a bilateral series between Pakistan and India since 2012–13, in any format. Pakistan played a T20 and ODI series in India not too long ago. A Test match between the two bitter rivals took place in 2007.

  1. Pakistan Cricket

Terrorist attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore in 2009 effectively ended Pakistan’s chances of hosting major international matches. Before Zimbabwe’s visit of Pakistan in 2015, almost six years had passed since cricket had been played in Pakistan.

During this time, the United Arab Emirates was Pakistan’s default venue for international matches.

The two countries are still unable to reach an agreement on the Asia Cup 2023. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has stated that they would not be sending a team to Pakistan in September for the Asia Cup because they want the tournament to be played in a non-controversial location.

However, the PCB is not keen on holding the tournament anywhere other than Pakistan because doing so would undermine PCB’s initiatives to bring international cricket back to the country.

4.Sethi warns

In response to India’s unyielding attitude on, the hybrid format for Asia Cup 2023, Najam Sethi, chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has threatened that his country may withdraw from World Cup 2023.

He claimed that Pakistan has an equal footing with India, in leveling accusations against New Delhi on domestic security concerns.

Our administration has the option of blaming India,for inciting terrorism as well. Both nations have made efforts to combat terrorism. Things have changed a lot in Pakistan since the attack on the Sri Lankan team in 2009,” he stressed again.

He did, however, make it clear that if Pakistan accepts the hybrid format for the upcoming Asia Cup, they will be sent to India to participate in the ICC World Cup

5. Political situation

Sethi predicted that the political situation in Pakistan would calm down by September (the Asia Cup window), according to an Indian media outlet.

Riots occurred in Delhi as well; therefore , they are not limited to that city. It doesn’t mean the city is suddenly dangerous. The New Zealand national football. the team was playing in Pakistan when then-prime minister Imran Khan took to the streets in a show of protest. For the past, four years, we have welcomed cricket teams from all around the world. He then emphasized that there was no issue at all.

In 2015, Sethi was the driving force, behind Pakistan’s comeback in international cricket. As PCB chairman, he oversaw events, including the 2017 PSL final, which was also held in Lahore, and the 2015 Zimbabwe tour.

We are not prepared to play a bilateral series with Pakistan at this time. BCCI
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