we expect to see the schedule for the 2023 ICC World Cup?

When can we expect to see the schedule for the 2023 ICC World Cup?

ICC World Cup

When will the schedule for the ICC World Cup 2023 be available?Geoff Allardice said he is keeping his fingers crossed for an update in the next day or two.In spite of the fact that the International Cricket Council (ICC) world is anticipated to start in just under four months, the locations of the tournament and the schedule for it have not been finalised.On the other hand, ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardice recently stated that the cricket council aims to publish a detailed calendar for the men’s World Cup — which is being hosted by India — “as soon as we possibly can.” India is now in the process of preparing to host the tournament.


“I believe that even today, we might be receiving the schedule from the hosts, and at this point, all we need to do is consult with the broadcasters and all of the teams that are going to be competing. ‘Then we’ll be publishing that as soon as we possibly can,’ Allardice stated during an appearance on the Test Match Special programme on the BBC.In addition, he mentioned that “When we put on events, we very much work hand in hand with the hosts.”

One-Day International

“In certain regions, there is a significant amount of deliberation that needs to take place, not only inside the cricket system but also with governments, etc. When it comes to putting on a successful event, the host bears a significant amount of responsibility, and Allardice emphasised the importance of putting in place the appropriate safeguards.It is crucial to remember that the schedule for the One-Day International World Cup in 2019, which will be hosted in England and Wales, was published 13 months before the first game of the tournament.


In addition, the schedule for the competition that took place in Australia and New Zealand in 2015 was published an entire 18 months before the first match.However, the International Cricket Council has not officially confirmed any dates, and ESPNcricinfo stated in March of this year that the competition will most likely begin in October and continue through November.Jay Shah, Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), stated not too long ago that the schedule would be revealed during the final of the World Test Championship (WTC), which is currently taking place at The Oval.


Despite this, Allardice did not commit to the aforementioned schedule.During the course of the interview, Allardice was also questioned about Pakistan’s reluctance to play matches in India and whether or not this reluctance had any impact on the apparent delay in the announcement of the match schedule.The ICC CE did not want to answer the question.Before I can commit to anything… “I’m waiting, and I’m hoping that I’ll see something in the next day or two on that,” he added. “I’m hoping that I’ll see something in the next day or two on that.

breakneck pace

” “Our events team has a great deal of experience organizing cricket competitions in a variety of countries, and you have complete command over the aspects of the competition that fall under your purview.””And I think that’s the approach that our team is taking, and they’re working on the things that they can progress for the event,” you said. “And I think that’s the approach that our team is taking.” “As soon as we have access to that information, we will move forward with it at a breakneck pace,” he explained.

we expect to see the schedule for the 2023 ICC World Cup?
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