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What member of the family did K-pop group Stray Kids call

What member of the family did K-pop group Stray Kids call following their big debut?

K-pop band

A member of the well-known K-pop band Stray Kids has just divulged some fascinating information on the band’s beginnings as well as their most recent comeback. The band spoke up about their many “firsts” in the industry during an interview with ELLE and highlighted the progression of their careers. They finally made their long-awaited comeback on June 2 with the publication of their most recent album, which was given the moniker “5-STAR.”During the course of the conversation, the band members reflected on their very first performance together as a band, which took place in 2018 following the completion of their lineup in 2017 as a result of the survival programme with the same name, “Stray Kids.”

training programme

Felix and Lee Know,who had been kicked out of the training programme in the past, were re-admitted to the group so that it could have a full complement of members.After hearing that they would all be allowed to make their debut at the same time, each member immediately got on the phone with a close friend or family member to share the exciting news with them. While Han jokingly asserted that he did not make any phone calls at all, Seungmin joked that he had a phone conversation with his mother. Seungmin also joked that his mother had called him.

Bang Chan

Bang Chan, the head of the group who was born and reared in Australia, was the target of a humorous jab from Seungmin who implied that he must have phoned a kangaroo. On the other hand, Bang Chan disclosed that he had in fact phoned Young K from DAY6. He added that Young K had been an influential figure for him throughout his career and had seen his progression firsthand. He said that Young K had been a mentor to him.On the other hand, Felix talked to his uncle on the phone and told him about his debut performance. Felix’s uncle offered his congratulations and urged him to keep putting in long hours in order to accomplish everything he sets out to do.

newest addition

I.N, the group’s newest addition, performed a scene from a discussion he had with his grandma earlier that day. He smiled warmly as he recalled his grandmother’s question about which television station she should tune into so that she could watch him play. After that, he animatedly reenacted the call, demonstrating the loving closeness that he shares with his family.In closing, Stray Kids shared some entertaining anecdotes regarding the beginning of their career as well as their most recent comeback. They talked about their first public appearance as a cohesive unit as well as the unforgettable phone calls they had made to their loved ones to tell them the happy news. These anecdotes from behind the scenes provide fans a glimpse into the personal relationships and support system that have been important to the members of the band throughout their respective artistic journeys.

What member of the family did K-pop group Stray Kids call
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