WhatsApp introduces a new sticker and GIF selector.

WhatsApp introduces a new sticker and GIF selector.


Redesigned stickers and a GIF selector are now available on WhatsApp.
The update is currently accessible to some beta testers and will be made available to an increasing number of users over the next few weeks.WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta and is the app of choice for millions of people all around the world, has released yet another interesting update for its users.WaBetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is planning to release a revamped sticker and GIF picker in the near future.

Redesigned GIF

The instant messaging network has just now made the latest version, which is known as the Redesigned GIF and Sticker Picker, available for beta testing by means of the TestFlight programme. The upgrade is currently accessible to a subset of beta testers and will become available to an increasing number of users over the next few weeks.Earlier, WaBetaInfo made the announcement that some of the beta testers would get access to a newly redesigned keyboard.”With this feature, users can experiment with a better experience while using the keyboard on WhatsApp, thanks to the ability to extend the picker view,” the website said.

WhatsApp for iOS

It went on to say that after installing the most recent beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, they discovered that a comparable GIF and sticker picker is also available to some beta testers in the iOS app.The GIF and sticker selection appear to have been changed, as can be seen in the screenshot that was uploaded to the WhatsApp update site.Users are now able to see more items on the grid thanks to a recently added functionality that makes it possible to scroll the picker upwards.”In particular, the buttons for accessing the GIF, sticker, and avatar sections have been relocated higher up and redesigned to clearly indicate that they work as tabs,” WABetaInfo added.

GIF and sticker

“This change was made to improve the overall user experience.”In addition, the search and avatar configuration buttons have also been changed, and there have been improvements made to the avatar section as well. These changes, coupled with the upgrades, make it easier for users to organize the avatar pack.”Given that a lot of people have reported having trouble examining the comprehensive list of all stickers that are included in a particular pack, we believe that this functionality will prove to be quite helpful.”In our opinion, the redesigned GIF and sticker picker definitely makes it easier for users to search for GIFs and stickers as it allows them to save time,” the website for Beto Info noted.


WhatsApp introduces a new sticker and GIF selector.
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