With the help of some ir Tareen has formed a

With the help of some disaffected members of the PTI, Jahangir Tareen has formed a new political party.

“Istihkam-e-Pakistan Party”

With the help of some disaffected members of the PTI, Jahangir Tareen has formed a new political party.”Istihkam-e-Pakistan Party” is the name of Tareen’s new political organisation.Jahangir Tareen, a former leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), unveiled his new political party, the Istihkam-e-Pakistan Party, on Thursday.At a news conference on Thursday, Tareen said, “We are laying a foundation of a new political party — Istihkam-e-Pakistan Party.” With him at the meeting were former PTI leaders Aleem Khan, Imran Ismail, and others.A former close aide of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Tareen played a crucial role in the formation of the PTI-led government in 2018, and he has said that he entered politics because he wants to do his part to improve Pakistan.

political leadership

He remarked, “We have gathered at one platform to make joint efforts to lift the country out of this quagmire,” and said the country required political leadership capable of resolving all current concerns, whether they be social, economic, or others.With a money laundering case opened during the PTI administration, Tareen decided to cut company with Khan.Day and night, we laboured to make the PTI stronger. We added enthusiasm and excitement to the celebration. The truth about our donations to the PTI will emerge in the coming days,” he continued.In 2017, the Supreme Court declared that Tareen was guilty in an assets beyond means case, effectively barring him from ever serving in public office again.


A similar statement was made at the same press conference: “or else the houses of political opponents will be attacked” if those responsible for the vandalism on May 9 are not brought to justice.Tareen stated that the administration and the opposition should stick to their constitutional roles in order to improve the country’s democracy and move the country in a new direction politically. We will announce our reform plan and recruit more people to our party in the days ahead.Aleem began the news conference by saying that people in Pakistan are anxious about the current scenario. Concerned with the state of affairs, we broke away to start our own political organisation.

Pakistan’s problems

While expressing his appreciation to Tareen, he remarked, “We believe that the solution to Pakistan’s problems is to make the country stable.”In addition, he emphasised the importance of putting an end to the anarchy that is hurting Pakistan.To this end, “we need to make a stable Pakistan in which parliament, judiciary, and establishment are all on the same page,” Aleem said. To paraphrase, “We will contribute to this struggle together under the leadership of Jahangir Tareen.”Members of the PTI defect to Jahanghir Tareen’s camp.

prominent members

Many prominent members of the PTI, like as Fawad Chaudhry, Imran Ismail, Ali Zaidi, and others, were said to have already joined or planned to join the Tareen before the party’s official announcement.Aleem Khan hosted a dinner for Tareen and his colleagues the night before, and more than a hundred figures from throughout the country attended. This helped Tareen make significant success in attracting PTI defectors.

joining the new party

Murad Raas, Firdous Ashiq Awan, Muhammad Zaheer-ud-Din Khan Alizai, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan, Malik Nauman Ahmad Langrial, Chaudhry Muhammad Norez Shakoor, former secretary general Aamir Kayani, Javed Ansari, Tariq Abdullah, and Syed Ghazi Gulab Jamal were all reportedly in attendance and will be joining the new party.In addition, Meher Irshad Kathia, formerly of Sahiwal, and Rafaqat Gillani, Mumtaz Mehravi, and Chishtian, all former members of parliament. Mian Usman Ashraf and Major (ret.) Khurram Rokhri, both of Nankana Sahib, have declared their support for the Tareen party.Some of the defectors even told the press at the time of their departures that they were “taking a break” from politics, which is an unusual twist.The sugar tycoon, who had been inactive since the chaos of May 9 and the Supreme Court’s subsequent ruling, which permanently barred him from seeking public office, became politically active again.

With the help of some ir Tareen has formed a
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