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Wrestling With Emotions

Wrestling With Emotions:New Kid on the Block is like a well-tuned machine. As in, game

Wrestling With Emotions

Wrestling With Emotions

Wrestling and snuggling are two of my favourite things to do. These two topics are already quite close, but Wrestling With Emotions: New Kid on the Block aims to combine them with a flying elbow drop.

Wrestling With Emotions: New Kid on the Block, the sequel to Team Lazerbeam’s indie title from 2016, is everything I could have hoped for and more. It features hunks of varying physiques and is focused on passionate kisses and warm hugs. That’s the whole point of wrestling!

There is now a demo, and after trying it out, I can say with confidence that this is the next big thing.
Yeah! Beef!
Struggling with Feelings: In New Kid on the Block, you get to live out your wildest ambitions by training to become a jacked-up grappling artist. You’ll then find yourself sandwiched between two of the cutest muscle men you can find outside of the ring. Then, in order to become a legitimate threat in the ring, you must train yourself to train your MEAT (Muscle, Elegance, Attitude, and Theatrics). Maybe there’s even some love in there, too. The text is unclear in that regard.

After the demo’s training and application process for Wrestling With Emotions (the WWE), you’re sent to Cuddle Mania to watch better competitors. When discussing Wrestling With Emotions: New Kid on the Block, I feel like I need to constantly flex and speak with a gravelly voice.

Yeah! Brother! Ungh!

Your gimmick and wrestling persona are entirely up to you. You also highlight your personal qualities and what sets you apart from the crowd. You get to choose your pronouns and the cut of meat you are, since New Kid on the Block knows that we’re all just tightly sealed sacks of beef and emotions.

Argh! Yeah! C’mon!
A cup of joe in the big leagues, oh hell yes.
The screenplay in Wrestling With Emotions: New Kids on the Block is so powerful and direct that it causes vibrations in the film’s abdominal muscles. The weirdness of its world and setting serves to flex those muscles. The demo also provides a taste of the game’s playability.

This isn’t just a visual novel—you’ll have to put in some time training your suplex machine. The demo accomplishes this by having you evaluate musical samples and paint your nails. You have a surprising amount of leeway, and these digressions prove that the fight is about more than just the story.

Wrestlers, in particular, were a cultural phenomenon that exploded in the nacho-cheese 1990s, but everything and everyone else was as stunning. The illustrations appear like they were torn from the notepad of a super cool adolescent. It might be confusing to know whether to feel repulsed or fascinated. This can only be described using the word “captivated.” Ung!

I spent the entire 30-45 minute demo capturing screenshots. Woo! I’m swimming in them.

Wrestling With Emotions
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